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Monfast is the ultimate way to manage all your financial transactions in the fastest and safest way. You can send money to your friend in any currency you want, or withdraw your revenue that comes from the sales of your digital stores in the largest e-marketplaces of the world. We are working hard to make everything easier for you and your business. Open your account now and enjoy working with your very own smart partner!


Seamless Payment Flows With Monfast

Send & receive money 24/7 wherever you want.

Make Transfers In Any Currency You Want

Account protection with the highest security standards.

Link your E-Wallet with Market Places

All of your marketplace earnings are in your pocket directly.

Virtual POS Integration - All Banks One POS

One POS, all banks. Now there is an easy way to get paid.

Monfast E-Wallet

The most advanced e-wallet service that you can do all your financial transactions. The safest, fastest and accessible at any time
  • Membership System
  • Fund Management - Send - Receive - Deposit - Withdrawn
  • Payment with Card
  • Transaction with any currency like Dollar, Euro, Sterlin, etc.

Virtual POS

One POS, all banks. Take advantage of the privileges offered by Monfast Virtual POS services for all your e-commerce transactions and grow your business.

  • Payment Infrastructures
  • API Integration
  • Merchant Operations
  • Reports
  • Returns and Cancellations
  • Risk Analysis
  • Invoice Transactions
  • Ticket Management

Market Place Integrations

Get payments from your sales in the biggest online markets directly, with low commissions.

Fast Pay

You don’t need to wait for your money, use Monfast to have it directly in your account.

Low Commission

We know it’s business, and businesses need low-cost solutions like Monfast.

Anytime and Anywhere

Increase your sales by operating in different countries with different currencies.

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